Man pages for SAFD
Statistical Analysis of Fuzzy Data

bertoluzzaBertoluzza distance
btest1.meanOne-sample bootstrap test for the mean of a FRV
btest2.meanTwo-sample bootstrap test on the equality of mean of two FRVs
btestk.meanMulti-sample bootstrap test for the equality of the mean of...
Bvar(Sample) Variance
checkingChecking correct data format
checking2Checking correct data format (weak version)
FmedianMedian of a fuzzy sample
generatorSimulation of fuzzy random variables (FRV)
hukuharaHukuhara Difference
MmeanMinkowski mean
MsumMinkowski sum
SAFD-packageStatistical Analysis of Fuzzy Data
sc_multMinkowski scalar multiplication
TreesTree dataset
XXExample data
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