SCRSELECT: Performs Bayesian Variable Selection on the Covariates in a Semi-Competing Risks Model

Contains four functions used in the DIC-tau_g procedure. SCRSELECT() and SCRSELECTRUN() uses Stochastic Search Variable Selection to select important covariates in the three hazard functions of a semi-competing risks model. These functions perform the Gibbs sampler for variable selection and a Metropolis-Hastings-Green sampler for the number of split points and parameters for the three baseline hazard function. The function SCRSELECT() returns the posterior sample of all quantities sampled in the Gibbs sampler after a burn-in period to a desired file location, while the function SCRSELECTRUN() returns posterior values of important quantities to the DIC-Tau_g procedure in a list. The function DICTAUG() returns a list containing the DIC values for the unique models visited by the DIC-Tau_g grid search. The function ReturnModel() uses SCRSELECTRUN() and DICTAUG() to return a summary of the posterior coefficient vectors for the optimal model along with saving this posterior sample to a desired path location.

AuthorAndrew Chapple [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-09-28 21:32:49
MaintainerAndrew Chapple <>

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