Man pages for SDLfilter
Filtering and Assessing the Sample Size of Tracking Data

asymptoteHorizontal asymptotes of rational functions
AustraliaA map of Australia
bathymodelBathymetry model for Sandy Strait, Australia
boot_areaCumulative analysis of collective areas by bootstrapping
boot_overlapBootstrap overlaps between Utilisation Distributions (UDs)
combn_overlapQuantifying overlaps between all possible combination of...
ddfilterFilter locations using a data driven filter
ddfilter_loopFilter locations by quality index, inner angle, and speed
ddfilter_speedFilter locations by speed
depthfilterFilter locations by water depth
distfilterFilter locations by distance
dupfilterFilter temporal and/or spatial duplicates
dupfilter_exactFilter temporally and spatially exact duplicates
dupfilter_qiFilter temporal duplicates by quality index
dupfilter_spaceFilter spatial duplicates
dupfilter_timeFilter temporal duplicates
flatbackFlatback turtle tracking data
percent_volUD percent volume
SandyStraitA map of Sandy Strait, Australia
tidalplaneTidal plane table for Sandy Strait, Australia
tidedataTidal data for Sandy Strait, Australia
to_mapPlot location data on a map
track_paramCalculate parameters between locations
turtleGreen turtle tracking data
turtle2Green turtle tracking data 2
ud_matrixA matrix containing probability distributions of flatback...
ud_rasterA list of raster data containing probability distributions of...
vmaxMaximum linear speed
vmaxlpMaximum one-way linear speed of a loop trip
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