SGP: Student Growth Percentiles & Percentile Growth Trajectories

Functions to calculate student growth percentiles and percentile growth projections/trajectories for students using large scale, longitudinal assessment data. Functions use quantile regression to estimate the conditional density associated with each student's achievement history. Percentile growth projections/trajectories are calculated using the coefficient matrices derived from the quantile regression analyses and specify what percentile growth is required for students to reach future achievement targets.

AuthorDamian W. Betebenner [aut, cre], Adam R. Van Iwaarden [aut], Ben Domingue [aut], Yi Shang [aut], Jonathan Weeks [ctb], John Stewart [ctb], Jinnie Choi [ctb], Xin Wei [ctb], Hi Shin Shim [ctb], Xiaoyuan Tan [ctb] (Arizona Department of Education), Carrie Giovannini [ctb] (Arizona Department of Education), Sarah Polasky [ctb] (Arizona State University), Rebecca Gau [ctb] (Arizona Charter School Association), Jeffrey Dean [ctb] (University of Arkansas), William Bonk [ctb] (Colorado Department of Education), Marie Huchton [ctb] (Colorado Department of Education), Allison Timberlake [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Qi Qin [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Melissa Fincher [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Kiran Athota [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Travis Allen [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Glenn Hirata [ctb] (Hawaii Department of Education), Glenn Nochi [ctb] (Hawaii Department of Education), Joshua Lee [ctb] (Hawaii Department of Education), Ayaka Nukui [ctb] (Idaho Department of Education), Carissa Miller [ctb] (Idaho Department of Education), Matthew Raimondi [ctb] (Elgin Area School District U46 (Illinois)), Wes Bruce [ctb] (Indiana Department of Education), Robert Hochsegang [ctb] (Indiana Department of Education), Tony Moss [ctb] (Kansas State Department of Education), Xuewen Sheng [ctb] (Kansas State Department of Education), Kathy Flanagan [ctb] (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), Robert Lee [ctb] (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), Ji Zeng [ctb] (Michigan Department of Education), Steve Viger [ctb] (Michigan Department of Education), Joe DeCastra [ctb] (Mississippi Department of Education), Ken Thompson [ctb] (Mississippi Department of Education), Soo Yeon Cho [ctb] (Missouri Department of Education), Jeff Halsell [ctb] (Clark County School District, Nevada), Selcuk Ozdemir [ctb] (Washoe County School District, Nevada), Roger Silva [ctb] (Nevada Department of Education), Deb Wiswell [ctb] (New Hampshire Department of Education), Katya Levitan-Reiner [ctb] (New Haven Public Schools), Catherine McCaslin [ctb] (New Haven Public Schools), Joshua Marland [ctb] (New York Education Department), W Joshua Rew [ctb] (Oregon Department of Education), Jason Becker [ctb] (Rhode Island Department of Education), Jessica Bailey [ctb] (Rhode Island Department of Education), Ana Karantonis [ctb] (Rhode Island Department of Education), Deborah Jonas [ctb] (Virginia Department of Education), Juan D'Brot [ctb] (West Virginia Department of Education), Nate Hixson [ctb] (West Virginia Department of Education), Deb Came [ctb] (Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), Ashley Colburn [ctb] (Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), Nick Hassell [ctb] (Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), Krissy Johnson [ctb] (Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), Daniel Bush [ctb] (Wisconsin Department of Education), Justin Meyer [ctb] (Wisconsin Department of Education), Joseph Newton [ctb] (Wisconsin Department of Education), Nick Stroud [ctb] (Wisconsin Department of Education), John Paul [ctb] (Wyoming Department of Education), Michael Flicek [ctb] (Michael Flicek Projects LLC working with Wyoming Department of Education), Phyllis Clay [ctb] (Albuquerque Public Schools), Peter Kinyua [ctb] (Albuquerque Public Schools), Brendan Houng [ctb] (University of Melbourne, Australia, NAPLAN), Leslie Rosale [ctb] (Ministry of Education, Guatemala), Nathan Wall [ctb] (eMetric working with Nevada Department of Education and South Dakota Department of Education), Narek Sahakyan [ctb] (World Class Instruction and Design (WIDA))
Date of publication2017-01-01 10:09:00
MaintainerDamian W. Betebenner <>

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Man pages

abcSGP: Perform 6 step sequence: prepareSGP, analyzeSGP, combineSGP,...

analyzeSGP: Analyze student data to produce student growth percentiles...

baselineSGP: Analyze student data to produce student growth percentiles...

bubblePlot: Core bubblePlot function for SGP

bubblePlot_Styles: bubblePlot_Styles providing various uses of the core...

capwords: Function for converting all caps to mixed case. Useful in...

combineSGP: Combine student data and SGP results

courseProgressionSGP: Identify potential course progressions for SGP analyses

createKnotsBoundaries: Function to create Knots and Boundaries from supplied data in...

gofSGP: Function for producing goodness of fit plots using existing...

growthAchievementPlot: growthAchievementPlot for SGP

outputSGP: Output student data and SGP results for a variety of purposes

prepareSGP: Prepare data for SGP analyses

rliSGP: Wrapper function associated with SGP analyses for Renaissance...

SGP-class: Class "SGP"

SGP-package: SGP: Student Growth Percentiles & Percentile Growth...

SGPstateData: State assessment program data from large scale state...

splineMatrix-class: Class "splineMatrix"

studentGrowthPercentiles: Student Growth Percentiles

studentGrowthPlot: Create a student growth and achievement chart

studentGrowthPlot_Styles: studentGrowthPlot_Styles providing base templates for the...

studentGrowthProjections: Student Growth Projections

summarizeSGP: Summarize student scale scores, proficiency levels and...

testSGP: Test SGP Package functions

updateSGP: Function to update SGP object with additional year's analyses

visualizeSGP: Visualize data from SGP analyses

Files in this package

SGP/R/getSGPColor.R SGP/R/getNewCutscores.R SGP/R/getTargetSGPLevel.R SGP/R/getPanelDataVnames.R SGP/R/baselineSGP.R SGP/R/convertScaleScore.R SGP/R/studentGrowthPercentiles.R SGP/R/gofSGP.R SGP/R/linkagePlot.R SGP/R/analyzeSGP.R SGP/R/growthAchievementPlot.R SGP/R/getMaxOrderForProgression.R SGP/R/getTargetInitialStatus.R SGP/R/unfoldstudentGrowthPlots.R SGP/R/ddcast.R SGP/R/courseProgressionSGP.R SGP/R/getTargetSGPContentArea.R SGP/R/createLongCutscores.R SGP/R/getPanelData.R SGP/R/is.splineMatrix.R SGP/R/checkSGP.R SGP/R/bubblePlot_Styles.R SGP/R/getSGPtNames.R SGP/R/splineMatrix-class.R SGP/R/bubblePlot.R SGP/R/outputSGP.R SGP/R/getsplineMatrices.R SGP/R/transformScaleScore.R SGP/R/createUniqueLongData.R SGP/R/getHighNeedStatus.R SGP/R/getSGPConfig.R SGP/R/getTargetSGP.R SGP/R/equateSGP.R SGP/R/getJSON.R SGP/R/convertTime.R SGP/R/getTargetScaleScore.R SGP/R/is.SGP.R SGP/R/startParallel.R SGP/R/prettyDate.R SGP/R/sqliteSGP.R SGP/R/capwords.R SGP/R/updateSGP.R SGP/R/getMyLabel.R SGP/R/stopParallel.R SGP/R/getVersion.R SGP/R/getTableNameYear.R SGP/R/piecewiseTransform.R SGP/R/getKnotsBoundaries.R SGP/R/testSGP.R SGP/R/detectSGPCores.R SGP/R/studentGrowthProjections.R SGP/R/rliSGP.R SGP/R/SGP-class.R SGP/R/abcSGP.R SGP/R/yearIncrement.R SGP/R/studentGrowthPlot_Styles.R SGP/R/getTimeShiftIndex.R SGP/R/getKey.R SGP/R/createKnotsBoundaries.R SGP/R/getTargetName.R SGP/R/checkConfig.R SGP/R/getTargetAchievementLevels.R SGP/R/mergeSGP.R SGP/R/checksplineMatrix.R SGP/R/getPercentileTableNames.R SGP/R/unique.splineMatrix.R SGP/R/getPreferredSGP.R SGP/R/csemScoreSimulator.R SGP/R/getFirstAndLastInGroup.R SGP/R/studentGrowthPlot.R SGP/R/getErrorReports.R SGP/R/getCohortDataInfo.R SGP/R/prepareSGP.R SGP/R/summarizeSGP.R SGP/R/summarizeSGP_Utilities.R SGP/R/visualizeSGP.R SGP/R/messageSGP.R SGP/R/zzz.R SGP/R/getStateAbbreviation.R SGP/R/getYearsContentAreasGrades.R SGP/R/getSGPBaselineConfig.R SGP/R/getAchievementLevel.R SGP/R/as.splineMatrix.R SGP/R/combineSGP.R
SGP/man/studentGrowthPlot.Rd SGP/man/combineSGP.Rd SGP/man/rliSGP.Rd SGP/man/outputSGP.Rd SGP/man/SGP-package.Rd SGP/man/testSGP.Rd SGP/man/baselineSGP.Rd SGP/man/studentGrowthPlot_Styles.Rd SGP/man/courseProgressionSGP.Rd SGP/man/SGPstateData.Rd SGP/man/prepareSGP.Rd SGP/man/gofSGP.Rd SGP/man/bubblePlot_Styles.Rd SGP/man/studentGrowthProjections.Rd SGP/man/splineMatrix-class.Rd SGP/man/visualizeSGP.Rd SGP/man/capwords.Rd SGP/man/createKnotsBoundaries.Rd SGP/man/analyzeSGP.Rd SGP/man/abcSGP.Rd SGP/man/bubblePlot.Rd SGP/man/updateSGP.Rd SGP/man/SGP-class.Rd SGP/man/studentGrowthPercentiles.Rd SGP/man/growthAchievementPlot.Rd SGP/man/summarizeSGP.Rd

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