SGP: Student Growth Percentiles & Percentile Growth Trajectories

Functions to calculate student growth percentiles and percentile growth projections/trajectories for students using large scale, longitudinal assessment data. Functions use quantile regression to estimate the conditional density associated with each student's achievement history. Percentile growth projections/trajectories are calculated using the coefficient matrices derived from the quantile regression analyses and specify what percentile growth is required for students to reach future achievement targets.

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AuthorDamian W. Betebenner [aut, cre], Adam R. Van Iwaarden [aut], Ben Domingue [aut], Yi Shang [aut], Jonathan Weeks [ctb], John Stewart [ctb], Jinnie Choi [ctb], Xin Wei [ctb], Hi Shin Shim [ctb], Xiaoyuan Tan [ctb] (Arizona Department of Education), Carrie Giovannini [ctb] (Arizona Department of Education), Sarah Polasky [ctb] (Arizona State University), Rebecca Gau [ctb] (Arizona Charter School Association), Jeffrey Dean [ctb] (University of Arkansas), William Bonk [ctb] (Colorado Department of Education), Marie Huchton [ctb] (Colorado Department of Education), Allison Timberlake [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Qi Qin [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Melissa Fincher [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Kiran Athota [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Travis Allen [ctb] (Georgia Department of Education), Glenn Hirata [ctb] (Hawaii Department of Education), Glenn Nochi [ctb] (Hawaii Department of Education), Joshua Lee [ctb] (Hawaii Department of Education), Ayaka Nukui [ctb] (Idaho Department of Education), Carissa Miller [ctb] (Idaho Department of Education), Matthew Raimondi [ctb] (Elgin Area School District U46 (Illinois)), Wes Bruce [ctb] (Indiana Department of Education), Robert Hochsegang [ctb] (Indiana Department of Education), Tony Moss [ctb] (Kansas State Department of Education), Xuewen Sheng [ctb] (Kansas State Department of Education), Kathy Flanagan [ctb] (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), Robert Lee [ctb] (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), Ji Zeng [ctb] (Michigan Department of Education), Steve Viger [ctb] (Michigan Department of Education), Joe DeCastra [ctb] (Mississippi Department of Education), Ken Thompson [ctb] (Mississippi Department of Education), Soo Yeon Cho [ctb] (Missouri Department of Education), Jeff Halsell [ctb] (Clark County School District, Nevada), Selcuk Ozdemir [ctb] (Washoe County School District, Nevada), Roger Silva [ctb] (Nevada Department of Education), Deb Wiswell [ctb] (New Hampshire Department of Education), Katya Levitan-Reiner [ctb] (New Haven Public Schools), Catherine McCaslin [ctb] (New Haven Public Schools), Joshua Marland [ctb] (New York Education Department), W Joshua Rew [ctb] (Oregon Department of Education), Jason Becker [ctb] (Rhode Island Department of Education), Jessica Bailey [ctb] (Rhode Island Department of Education), Ana Karantonis [ctb] (Rhode Island Department of Education), Deborah Jonas [ctb] (Virginia Department of Education), Juan D'Brot [ctb] (West Virginia Department of Education), Nate Hixson [ctb] (West Virginia Department of Education), Deb Came [ctb] (Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), Ashley Colburn [ctb] (Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), Nick Hassell [ctb] (Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), Krissy Johnson [ctb] (Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), Daniel Bush [ctb] (Wisconsin Department of Education), Justin Meyer [ctb] (Wisconsin Department of Education), Joseph Newton [ctb] (Wisconsin Department of Education), Nick Stroud [ctb] (Wisconsin Department of Education), John Paul [ctb] (Wyoming Department of Education), Michael Flicek [ctb] (Michael Flicek Projects LLC working with Wyoming Department of Education), Phyllis Clay [ctb] (Albuquerque Public Schools), Peter Kinyua [ctb] (Albuquerque Public Schools), Brendan Houng [ctb] (University of Melbourne, Australia, NAPLAN), Leslie Rosale [ctb] (Ministry of Education, Guatemala), Nathan Wall [ctb] (eMetric working with Nevada Department of Education and South Dakota Department of Education), Narek Sahakyan [ctb] (World Class Instruction and Design (WIDA))
Date of publication2017-04-21 22:50:06 UTC
MaintainerDamian W. Betebenner <>

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Man pages

abcSGP: Perform 6 step sequence: prepareSGP, analyzeSGP, combineSGP,...

analyzeSGP: Analyze student data to produce student growth percentiles...

baselineSGP: Analyze student data to produce student growth percentiles...

bubblePlot: Core bubblePlot function for SGP

bubblePlot_Styles: bubblePlot_Styles providing various uses of the core...

capwords: Function for converting all caps to mixed case. Useful in...

combineSGP: Combine student data and SGP results

courseProgressionSGP: Identify potential course progressions for SGP analyses

createKnotsBoundaries: Function to create Knots and Boundaries from supplied data in...

gofSGP: Function for producing goodness of fit plots using existing...

growthAchievementPlot: growthAchievementPlot for SGP

outputSGP: Output student data and SGP results for a variety of purposes

prepareSGP: Prepare data for SGP analyses

rliSGP: Wrapper function associated with SGP analyses for Renaissance...

SGP-class: Class "SGP"

SGP-package: SGP: Student Growth Percentiles & Percentile Growth...

SGPstateData: State assessment program data from large scale state...

splineMatrix-class: Class "splineMatrix"

studentGrowthPercentiles: Student Growth Percentiles

studentGrowthPlot: Create a student growth and achievement chart

studentGrowthPlot_Styles: studentGrowthPlot_Styles providing base templates for the...

studentGrowthProjections: Student Growth Projections

summarizeSGP: Summarize student scale scores, proficiency levels and...

testSGP: Test SGP Package functions

updateSGP: Function to update SGP object with additional year's analyses

visualizeSGP: Visualize data from SGP analyses


abcSGP Man page
analyzeSGP Man page
as.splineMatrix Man page
baselineSGP Man page
bubblePlot Man page
bubblePlot_Styles Man page
capwords Man page
combineSGP Man page
courseProgressionSGP Man page
createKnotsBoundaries Man page
gofSGP Man page
growthAchievementPlot Man page
is.SGP Man page
is.splineMatrix Man page
outputSGP Man page
prepareSGP Man page
rliSGP Man page
SGP Man page
SGP-class Man page
SGP-package Man page
SGPstateData Man page
splineMatrix-class Man page
studentGrowthPercentiles Man page
studentGrowthPlot Man page
studentGrowthPlot_Styles Man page
studentGrowthProjections Man page
summarizeSGP Man page
testSGP Man page
updateSGP Man page
visualizeSGP Man page


R/getSGPColor.R R/getNewCutscores.R R/getTargetSGPLevel.R R/getPanelDataVnames.R R/baselineSGP.R R/convertScaleScore.R R/studentGrowthPercentiles.R R/gofSGP.R R/linkagePlot.R R/analyzeSGP.R R/growthAchievementPlot.R R/getMaxOrderForProgression.R R/getTargetInitialStatus.R R/unfoldstudentGrowthPlots.R R/ddcast.R R/courseProgressionSGP.R R/getTargetSGPContentArea.R R/createLongCutscores.R R/getPanelData.R R/is.splineMatrix.R R/checkSGP.R R/bubblePlot_Styles.R R/getSGPtNames.R R/splineMatrix-class.R R/bubblePlot.R R/outputSGP.R R/getsplineMatrices.R R/transformScaleScore.R R/createUniqueLongData.R R/getHighNeedStatus.R R/getSGPConfig.R R/getTargetSGP.R R/equateSGP.R R/rliCutscoreCreation.R R/getJSON.R R/convertTime.R R/getTargetScaleScore.R R/is.SGP.R R/startParallel.R R/prettyDate.R R/sqliteSGP.R R/capwords.R R/updateSGP.R R/getMyLabel.R R/stopParallel.R R/getVersion.R R/getTableNameYear.R R/piecewiseTransform.R R/getKnotsBoundaries.R R/testSGP.R R/detectSGPCores.R R/studentGrowthProjections.R R/rliSGP.R R/SGP-class.R R/abcSGP.R R/yearIncrement.R R/studentGrowthPlot_Styles.R R/getTimeShiftIndex.R R/getKey.R R/createKnotsBoundaries.R R/getTargetName.R R/checkConfig.R R/getTargetAchievementLevels.R R/mergeSGP.R R/checksplineMatrix.R R/getPercentileTableNames.R R/unique.splineMatrix.R R/getPreferredSGP.R R/csemScoreSimulator.R R/getFirstAndLastInGroup.R R/studentGrowthPlot.R R/getErrorReports.R R/getCohortDataInfo.R R/prepareSGP.R R/summarizeSGP.R R/summarizeSGP_Utilities.R R/visualizeSGP.R R/messageSGP.R R/zzz.R R/getStateAbbreviation.R R/getYearsContentAreasGrades.R R/getSGPBaselineConfig.R R/getAchievementLevel.R R/as.splineMatrix.R R/combineSGP.R
man/studentGrowthPlot.Rd man/combineSGP.Rd man/rliSGP.Rd man/outputSGP.Rd man/SGP-package.Rd man/testSGP.Rd man/baselineSGP.Rd man/studentGrowthPlot_Styles.Rd man/courseProgressionSGP.Rd man/SGPstateData.Rd man/prepareSGP.Rd man/gofSGP.Rd man/bubblePlot_Styles.Rd man/studentGrowthProjections.Rd man/splineMatrix-class.Rd man/visualizeSGP.Rd man/capwords.Rd man/createKnotsBoundaries.Rd man/analyzeSGP.Rd man/abcSGP.Rd man/bubblePlot.Rd man/updateSGP.Rd man/SGP-class.Rd man/studentGrowthPercentiles.Rd man/growthAchievementPlot.Rd man/summarizeSGP.Rd

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