Man pages for SIN
A SINful Approach to Selection of Gaussian Graphical Markov Models

ambitionAmbition and Attainment
anxietyangerAnxiety and Anger
blauduncanBlau and Duncan's data on the American occupational structure
bloodpressureBlood Pressure
bodyfatBody Fat
corkboringsCork Borings
fisherzFisher's z-transform
fowlbonesFowl Bones
fretsheadsFrets' Heads
getgraphObtain graph from simultaneous p-values
gradesSchool Grades
holmHolm's step-down p-values
is.blocksCheck variable blocking
mathmarksMathematics marks
mothNoctuid Moth Trappings
plotBGpvaluesPlot simultaneous p-values for bidirected graphs
plotCGpvaluesPlot simultaneous p-values for chain graphs
plotDAGpvaluesPlot simultaneous p-values for acyclic directed graphs
plotUGpvaluesPlot simultaneous p-values for undirected graphs
pubprodPublishing productivity
sdcor2covCovariance matrix
simpvalueMxSimultaneous p-values
simpvalueVecSimultaneous p-values
sinBGSIN for bidirected graphs
sinCGSIN for chain graphs
sinDAGSIN for acyclic directed graphs
sinUGSIN for undirected graphs
socstatusSocial Status and Participation
stressfulStressful Events
surSimulated Data from Seemingly Unrelated Regressions
university1992Druzdzel and Glymour's University Data 1992
university1993Druzdzel and Glymour's University Data 1993
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