Man pages for SLEMI
Statistical Learning Based Estimation of Mutual Information

aux_deleteNA_dfRemoving NAs observations from a data frame
aux_theme_publTuning GGplot Themes
aux_x_log_yCalculation of expression x\cdot \log y
capacity_logreg_algorithmMain algorithm to calculate channel capacity by SLEMI...
capacity_logreg_mainEstimate channel capacity between discrete input and...
capacity_logreg_testingTesting procedures for estimation of channel capacity
capacity_output_graph_boxplotsPlotting output of capacity estimation. Auxiliary functions.
data_example1Exemplary data set I
data_example2Exemplary data set II
data_nfkbData from experiment with NFkB pathway
func_formula_generatorFormula generator for logistic regression algorithm
func_input_checksInitial verification of input
func_iterative_logreg_updateIterative updating of prior probabilities in logistic...
func_signal_transformInitial verification and transformation of input variable
mi_logreg_algorithmMain algorithm to calculate mutual information by SLEMI...
mi_logreg_mainEstimate mutual information between discrete input and...
mi_logreg_testingTesting procedures for estimation of mutual information
output_graphs_mainPlotting output of capacity estimation and additional...
prob_discr_pairwiseCalculates Probability of pairwise discrimination
sampling_bootstrapSampling procedures used for testing capacity algorithm
SLEMI-packageSLEMI: Statistical Learning Based Estimation of Mutual...
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