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Sequential Normal Scores in Statistical Process Management

calibrateControlLimitCalibration of the control limit for the selected chart
dataAlignmentAlignment of the data
example49Data from Example 4.9 Qiu (2014).
example65Data from Example 6.5 on page 246 Qiu (2014).
example71Data from Example 7.1 Qiu (2014).
example74aData from Example 7.4(a) Qiu (2014).
example74bData from Example 7.4(b) Qiu (2014).
example74cData from Example 7.4(c) Qiu (2014).
example81Data from Example 8.1 on page 319 Qiu (2014).
example82Data from Example 8.2 Qiu (2014).
example83Data from Example 8.3 on page 326 Qiu (2014).
example84Data from Example 8.4 Qiu (2014).
example85Data from Example 8.5 Qiu (2014).
example87Data from Example 8.7 on page 339 Qiu (2014).
example91Data from Example 9.1 on page 369 Qiu (2014).
example93Data from Example 9.3 Qiu (2014).
getARLAverage Run Length (ARL)
getDistRandom Observations Generator
getQuantileObtain Quantile from Distribution Function
getRLRun Length
mcalibrateControlLimitCalibration of the control limit for the selected chart
mgetARLMultivariate Average Run Length (ARL)
mgetDistMultivariate Random Observations Generetor
mgetRLMultivariate Run Length
MNSMultivariate Normal Scores
MSNSMultivariate Sequential Normal Scores
NSNormal Scores
SNSSequential Normal Scores
srankSequential Rank
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