Man pages for SNSequate
Standard and Nonstandard Statistical Models and Methods for Test Equating

ACTmKBScores on two 40-items ACT mathematics test forms
bandwidthAutomatic selection of the bandwidth parameter 'h'
BNP.eqBayesian non-parametric model for test equating
BNP.eq.predictPrediction step for Bayesian non-parametric model for test...
CBdataObserved (raw) score values for two different tests
eqp.eqThe equipercentile method of equating
fitmeasuresFunctions to assess model fitting.
irt.eqIRT methods for Test Equating
irt.linkIRT parameter linking methods
KB36Data on two 36-items test forms
KB36.1PLDifficulty parameter estimates for KB36 data under a 1PL...
KB36_tData on two 36-items test forms
ker.eqThe Kernel method of test equating
le.eqLocal equating methods
lin.eqThe linear method of equating
loglin.smoothPre-smoothing using log-linear models.
Math20EGScores on two 20-items mathematics tests.
Math20SGBivariate score frequencies on two 20-items mathematics...
mea.eqThe mean method of equating
PREpPercent relative error
rowBlockSumTake a matrix and sum blocks of rows
SEEDStandard error of equating difference
SEPAA sample of observed score values for two different forms of...
sim_unimodalSimulate test scores.
SNSequate-packageStandard and Nonstandard Statistical Models and Methods for...
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