f186: Descriptions of cells

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This data set provides descriptions of 874 cells obtained by microscopic analysis of cells carrying a dox inducible EGFP-Etv2 fusion transcription factor.
There are 21 columns indicating:

  • dox: whether EGFP-Etv2 was induced by dox (1) or not (0).

  • time: time of induction.

  • image: an identifier of the image set from which the data row was obtained.

  • cell: an identifier for the cell.

  • c_area: areas of cells.

  • n_area: area of cell nuclei.

  • Fli1, Cdh5, Flk1, Etv2, Pdgfra, Snail1, FP (false positives). Densities of the indicated transcripts (i.e. transcript no / cell area).

  • n_Fli1, n_Cdh5, n_Flk1, n_Etv2, n_Pdgfra, n_Snail1, n_FP. The number of sites of active transcription for the indicated transcripts.

  • p_Etv2. The amount of nuclear EGFP-Etv2 protein estimated from direct EGFP fluorescence.

The f186 name is the experimental identifier and is used here to make the data source easy to trace.




A dataframe containing 876 rows and 21 columns.


Unpublished experimental data from the author of this package (Martin Jakt)

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