Man pages for SODC
Optimal Discriminant Clustering(ODC) and Sparse Optimal Discriminant Clustering(SODC)

clust.kappaAgreement of Two Subset
get.B.inorderGet Ordered Predictors Matrix
get.bjJth Group Submatrix of B
get.hnx.B.initialWGet initial input for SODC
get.w.remove.jW as an vector
hclust.wraphierarchical Clustering
my.lasso.classifySparse Optimal Discriminant Clustering
my.normdata.genMultipal normal data set with three clusters generation
odc.clustOptimal Discriminant Clustering
odc.cvOptimal Discriminant Clustering
odc.optimallambda2Prediction and Cross-Validation Selection of Tuning parameter...
sodc.clustSparse Optimal Discriminant Clustering
sodc.optimallambda1.boot.allPrediction and Kappa Selection of Tuning parameter lambda1 in...
SODC-packageSparse Optimal Discriminant Clustering
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