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Relative contribution of factors to explain the distribution of some freshwater fish species of the orders Amiiformes, Atheriniformes and Perciformes. The file was obtained using ModestR (




An data frame with 22 columns: taxonomic data (order, family, genus and species) and the contribution of 17 factors.


The records of the species and some environmental variables such as altitude, aspect, slope, topographic heterogeneity (TH24), terrestrial primary production (TPP), vegetation index (VI) and population density (Pop) were obtained from Guisande et al. (2010) and Pelayo-Villamil et al. (2015). The variables mean annual temperature (BIO1), temperature diurnal range (BIO2), isothermality (BIO3), temperature seasonality (BIO4), mean temperature of wettest quarter (BIO8), annual precipitation (BIO12), precipitation of driest month (BIO14), precipitation seasonality (BIO15), precipitation of warmest quarter (BIO18) and precipitation of coldest quarter (BIO19) were downloaded from the web


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