Man pages for SPPcomb
Combining Different Spatial Datasets in Cancer Risk Estimation

DA_AllEE5Data Analysis for Combining (N1,M1) + (N1,M2) + (N2,M1) +...
DA_AllEE5_insideInternal calculation of estimating equation for DA_AllEE5
DA_FDN2M1M2Data Analysis for Combining (N2,M1) + (N2,M2)
DA_FDN2M1M2_insideInternal calculation of estimating equation for DA_FDN2M1M2
DA_FDN2M2Data Analysis of (N2,M2)
realdata_alphaA list of matrices containing value of alpha at each...
realdata_covariatesA data list of matrices containing covariates of cases and...
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