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An R implementation of SRCS: Statistical Ranking Color Scheme for visualizing the results of multiple pairwise comparisons in many problem configurations at the same time, each defined by at most 3 additional parameters. For each problem configuration, this technique ranks every level of the target value according to the performance in relation to how other levels perform on the same problem configuration. Ranks are assigned according to statistical performance comparisons. Then, a color is associated to each rank so it can be easily visualized and interpreted.


I.G. del Amo, D.A.Pelta. SRCS: a technique for comparing multiple algorithms under several factors in dynamic optimization problems, in: E. Alba, A. Nakib, P. Siarry (Eds.), Metaheuristics for Dynamic Optimization. Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence 433, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg, 2012.

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