SSDM: Stacked Species Distribution Modelling

Allows to map species richness and endemism based on stacked species distribution models (SSDM). Individuals SDMs can be created using a single or multiple algorithms (ensemble SDMs). For each species, an SDM can yield a habitat suitability map, a binary map, a between-algorithm variance map, and can assess variable importance, algorithm accuracy, and between- algorithm correlation. Methods to stack individual SDMs include summing individual probabilities and thresholding then summing. Thresholding can be based on a specific evaluation metric or by drawing repeatedly from a Bernoulli distribution. The SSDM package also provides a user-friendly interface.

AuthorSylvain Schmitt, Robin Pouteau, Dimitri Justeau, Philippe Birnbaum
Date of publication2016-02-17 09:00:40
MaintainerSylvain Schmitt <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3) | file LICENSE

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