Man pages for SSM
Fit and Analyze Smooth Supersaturated Models

combGenerate all desired exponent vectors of a given degree.
compute.covarianceCompute the unscaled covariance matrix.
compute.covariance.from.distanceCompute unscaled covariance matrix from a supplied distance...
compute.interactionsCompute Total interaction indices and Sobol indices for...
compute.main.effectsCompute main effects
compute.residualsCompute the Leave-One-Out error at all design points.
compute.specific.interactionCompute the Sobol index for a given interaction. Total interaction variance Total effects
concentrated.likelihoodCompute the concentrated likelihood of a covariance matrix.
construct.dmmConstruct the design model matrix
construct.KConstruct the K matrix for a given multivariate basis.
construct.K.1dConstruct the K matrix for a given univariate basis.
construct.PConstruct the change of basis matrix from multivariate...
construct.P.1dConstruct the change of basis matrix from univariate...
deglConstruct matrix of exponent vectors.
estimate.GPEstimate the parameters of the metamodel error estimating GP.
find.thetaCompute the SSM vector of parameters.
fit.ssmFit a smooth supersaturated model
get.K.elementCompute entry of K matrix.
identify.main.effect.termsIdentify main effect terms total effect terms
likelihood.plotPlot the concentrated likelihood of an SSM.
lineijAverage the values in a vector between two cutoff points...
new.distanceCompute the distance matrix of an SSM design. concentrated likelihood.
partial.deriv.ssmCompute second partial derivative of a smooth supersaturated...
plot.SSMPlot smooth supersaturated model main effects
predict.SSMPoint prediction of smooth supersaturated models.
sensitivity.plotPlot the sensitivity indices of a smooth supersaturated...
show-SSM-methodSummarise SSM class object
smoothness.over.designCompute the smoothness of an SSM at all design points.
SSMSSM: A package for fitting smooth supersaturated models...
SSM-classAn S4 class to represent a smooth supersaturated model
transform11Transform a design to [-1, 1]^d
update.sensitivityUpdate an SSM object with the term variances and Sobol...
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