Man pages for STFTS
Statistical Tests for Functional Time Series

dataset_bbIntegrals of Squared Brownian Bridge
dataset_bmIntegrals of Squared Brownian Motion
dataset_dbbIntegrals of Squared De-meaned Brownian Bridge
dataset_sbbIntegrals of Squared Second-level Brownian Bridge
default_kernelDefault Kernel Function
est_eigenvalueEigenvalues of An Estimated Long-run Covariance Function
fkpsstFunctional KPSS Test
FKPSS_teststatTest Statistic in Functional KPSS Test
fstFunctional Stationarity Test
FST_teststat_MNTest Statistic M_N in Functional Stationarity Test
FST_teststat_TNTest Statistic T_N in Functional Stationarity Test
furtFunctional Unit Root Test
partial_sumPartial Sum
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