Man pages for STMedianPolish
Spatio-Temporal Median Polish

ConstructMPstConstruct Spatio - temporal regular data.
DemMetaDigital Elevation Model Resolution 90 meters.
HZRMetaHydrogeological zone west of Meta river.
krige0STlocalMPOrdinary local Spatio - temporal Kriging
MedianPolishMMedian polish multidimensional.
MedianPolishM.ConstructMPstMedian polish multidimensional.
MedianPolishM.defaultMedian polish multidimensional.
MetabdMonthly precipitation Meta.
MpplotTraces of the space.
plot.MedianPolishMPlot Median polish multidimensional.
removetrendMPstMedian polish trend
splineMPSTMedian polish Spline.
VResPrecomputed Variogram for residuals of monthly precipitation
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