voting: Congressional Voting Records Data Set

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1984 United Stated Congressional Voting Records; Classify as Republican or Democrat.


X is a data frame with 434 congress members and 16 attributes: 16 key votes identified by the Congressional Quarterly Almanac (CQA). All attributes are binary values, with 1= yes and 0= no.

X1 handicapped-infants
X2 water-project-cost-sharing
X3 adoption-of-the-budget-resolution
X4 physician-fee-freeze
X5 el-salvador-aid
X6 religious-groups-in-schools
X7 anti-satellite-test-ban
X8 aid-to-nicaraguan-contras
X9 mx-missile
X10 immigration
X11 synfuels-corporation-cutback
X12 education-spending
X13 superfund-right-to-sue
X14 crime
X15 duty-free-exports
X16 export-administration-act-south-africe

y consists factors which denotes whether the congress member is a Republican or a Democrat.

The training set contains a randomly selected set of 300 subjects, and voting.te contains the remaining 134 subjects. voting contains all 434 objects.


This data set includes votes for each of the U.S. House of Representatives Congressmen on the 16 key votes identified by the CQA. The CQA lists nine different types of votes: voted for, paired for, and announced for (these three simplified to yea), voted against, paired against, and announced against (these three simplified to nay), voted present, voted present to avoid conflict of interest, and did not vote or otherwise make a position known (these three simplified to an unknown disposition).


Chih-Chung Chang and Chih-Jen Lin, LIBSVM : a library for support vector machines, 2001. Software available at



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