Man pages for SafeBayes
Generalized and Safe-Bayesian Ridge and Lasso Regression

GBLassoGeneralized Bayesian Lasso
GBLassoFVGeneralized Bayesian Lasso with fixed variance
GBRidgeGeneralized Bayesian Ridge Regression
GBRidgeFVGeneralized Bayesian Ridge Regression with fixed variance
metropLambdaMetropolis-Hastings algorithm to sample lambda with a Beta...
rinvGaussThe inverse Gaussian and Wald distributions
SBLassoIlogI-log-Safe-Bayesian Lasso
SBLassoISqI-square-Safe-Bayesian Lasso
SBLassoRlogR-log-Safe-Bayesian Lasso
SBLassoRSqR-square-Safe-Bayesian Lasso
SBRidgeIlogI-log-Safe-Bayesian Ridge Regression
SBRidgeISqI-square-Safe-Bayesian Ridge Regression
SBRidgeRlogR-log-Safe-Bayesian Ridge Regression
SBRidgeRSqR-square Safe-Bayesian Ridge Regression
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