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Calculate sample sizes based on highest posterior density intervals when comparing two binomial proportions using three different Bayesian approaches.


Package: SampleSizeProportions
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2009-12-16
License: GLP (version 2 or later)

A set of R functions for calculating sample size requirements using three different Bayesian criteria in the context of designing an experiment to estimate the difference between two binomial proportions. Functions for calculation of required sample sizes for the Average Length Criterion, the Average Coverage Criterion and the Worst Outcome Criterion in the context of binomial observations are provided. In all cases, estimation of the difference between two binomial proportions is considered. Functions for both the fully Bayesian and the mixed Bayesian/likelihood approaches are provided.

See the related package SampleSizeMeans for Bayesian sample sizes calculations based on highest posterior density intervals for normal means


Lawrence Joseph, Roxane du Berger and Patrick Belisle
Maintainer: Lawrence Joseph


Joseph L, du Berger R, and Belisle P.
Bayesian and mixed Bayesian/likelihood criteria for sample size determination
Statistics in Medicine 1997;16(7):769-781.

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