Man pages for SamplerCompare
A Framework for Comparing the Performance of MCMC Samplers

adaptive.metropolis.sampleAdaptive Metropolis
ar.actCompute the autocorrelation time of a chain
arms.sampleAdaptive Rejection Metropolis Sampler
check.dist.gradientTest a gradient function
chudCholesky Update/Downdate
compare.samplersCompare MCMC samplers on distributions
comparison.plotPlot the results of compare.samplers
compounded.samplerBuild a sampler from transition functions
cov.match.sampleSample with covariance-matching slice sampling
dist-classA class representing a probability distribution
funnel.distFunnel distribution object
hyperrectangle.sampleMultivariate slice samplers
make.c.distDefine a probability distribution object with C log-density
make.cone.distCreate a cone distribution object
make.distDefine a probability distribution object
make.gaussianGaussian distribution objects
make.multimodal.distCreate a distribution object for a random mixture of... a distribution object for a set of uncorrelated Gamma...
multivariate.metropolis.sampleMetropolis samplers
nonadaptive.crumb.sampleSample with nonadaptive-crumb slice sampling
oblique.hyperrect.sampleEigendecomposition-based hyperrectangle method
raw.symbolLocate a symbol
schools.distEight schools distribution object
shrinking.rank.sampleSample with shrinking-rank slice sampling
simulation.resultSummarize one MCMC chain
stepout.slice.sampleUnivariate slice samplers
twonormEuclidean norm of a vector
univar.eigen.sampleEigendecomposition-based slice samplers
wrap.c.samplerCreate an R stub function for a sampler implemented in C
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