SchemaOnRead v1.0.2 (Release date: 2015-12-23)

Provides schema-on-read tools including a single function call (e.g., schemaOnRead("filename")) that reads text ('TXT'), comma separated value ('CSV'), raster image ('BMP', 'PNG', 'GIF', 'TIFF', and 'JPG'), R data ('RDS'), HDF5 ('H5'), NetCDF ('CS'), spreadsheet ('XLS', 'XLSX', 'ODS', and 'DIF'), Weka Attribute-Relation File Format ('ARFF'), Epi Info ('REC'), SPSS ('SAV'), Systat ('SYS'), and Stata ('DTA') files. It also recursively reads folders (e.g., schemaOnRead("folder")), returning a nested list of the contained elements. Please see the manual and vignettes for more information.

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