Man pages for SciencesPo
A Tool Set for Analyzing Political Behavior Data

AnonymizeTo Make Anonymous a Data Frame
AtkinsonAtkinson Index of Inequality
BartelsBartels Rank Test of Randomness
BootstrapMethod for Bootstrapping
CalibrateplotCalibrate Plot
CIAn S4 Class to Confidence Intervals
ClearClear Memory of All Objects
color_partyPolitical Parties Color Palette (Discrete) and Scales
CondorcetCondorcet Voting
CountMissingCount missing data.
CrossValidationCross Validation of SciencesPo Trees and Forests
ddirichletDirichlet Distribution
DescribeSummary Description Table
dHondtThe D'Hondt Method of Allocating Seats Proportionally
DummifyGenerate Dummy Variables in a Data Frame
fill_partyPolitical Parties Color Palette (Discrete) and Scales
FlagAdd an "id" Variable to a Dataset
FootnoteAdd Footnote to ggplot2 Objects
ForgeVeritical, left-aligned layout for plots
FormattedSome Formats for Nicer Display
freqSimple Frequency Table
FrequencyFrequency Table
geom_spotlightAutomatically enclose points in a polygon
GiniGini Coefficient G
GiniSimpsonGini-Simpson Index
HamiltonThe Hamilton Method of Allocating Seats Proportionally
HerfindahlHerfindahl Index of Concentration
HighestAveragesHighest Averages Methods of Allocating Seats Proportionally
JackknifeResamples Data Using the Jackknife Method
JamesSteinJames-Stein Shrunken Estimates
KurtosisCompute the Kurtosis
LabelGet Variable Label
Label-setSet Variable Label
LargestRemaindersLargest Remainders Methods of Allocating Seats Proportionally
LorenzThe Lorenz Curve
MakeNumericClean up a character vector to make it numeric
MakeShareClean up a character vector to make it a percent
MeanFromRangeEstimates Mean and Standard Deviation from Median and Range
ninNot in (Find Matching or Non-Matching Elements)
NormalizeUnity-based normalization
OperationsArithmetic and Statistiscal Functions but Dealing with...
OutlierDetect Outliers
PalettesPalette data for the themes used by package
party_palPolitical Parties Color Palette (Discrete) and Scales
PermutateCreate k random permutations of a vector
PlottingPlot Customizing
PoliticalDiversityPolitical Diversity Indices
printPrint method for objects of class 'SciencesPo'.
ProportionalityIndexes of (Disproportionality) Proportionality
pub_colorPublication color scales.
pub_fillPublication color scales.
pub_palColor Palettes for Publication (discrete)
pub_shapesShape scales for theme_pub (discrete)
rdirichletDirichlet Distribution
read.zTreeReads zTree output files
RecodeRecode or Replace Values With New Values
RenderRender layer on top of a ggplot
RosenbluthRosenbluth Index of Concentration
RunShinyAppExamples from the SciencesPo Package
ScatterplotQuartile-Frame Scatterplot
SciencesPoA Tool Set for Analyzing Political Behavior Data
SciencesPo-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'SciencesPo'
SciencesPoFontSciencesPo Base Fonts
shape_pubShape scales for theme_pub (discrete)
SkewnessCompute the Skewness
StratifyStratified Sampling
summary.CrosstablePrint Crosstable style
TableplotTableplot: a Visualization of Datasets
TernaryplotTernary Plot Build ternary plots.
theme_blankCreate a Completely Empty Theme
theme_darksideThe Dark Side Theme
theme_fteThemes for ggplot2 Graphs
theme_pubThe Default Theme
theme_scipoThe SciPo Theme
thenThen Operator
TodayPrint the current date in a pretty format
TransformFunctions for transformation of variables.
TwoWayCross Tabulation
UntableUntable an Aggregated Data Frame
VoronoiVoronoi tessellation diagram
WaffleplotMake waffle (square pie) charts
WeightedCorrelationCompute Weighted Correlations
WeightedMeanComputes Weighted Mean
WeightedStdzComputes Weighted Standardized Values
WeightedVarianceWeighted Variance
WinsorizeWinsorized Mean
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