Man pages for SemiSupervised
Safe Semi-Supervised Learning Tools

agraphAnchor Graph Functions ('agraph')
agraph-classClass 'agraph'
AnchorGraphGenerate an Anchor Graph from an n x p data matrix
cv.foldsExported Internal Functions
dGSpecify graph terms for 'formula' instances of objects...
impute.medianMedian imputation for NA's'
jtharmJoint Harmonic Functions ('jtharm')
jtharm-classClass 'jtharm'
knnGraphConvert a 'data.frame' or 'matrix' into a k-NN graph or...
powerplantThe Combined Cycle Power Plant Data Set
predict.agraphOut-of-Sample Predict Procedure for 'agraph'
predict.jtharmOut-of-Sample Predict Procedure for 'jtharm'
predict.s4pmOut-of-Sample Predict Procedure for 's4pm'
s4pmSafe Semi-Supervised Semi-Parametric Model ('s4pm')
s4pm-classClass 's4pm'
SemiSupervised-classClass 'SemiSupervised'
SemiSupervised.controlControl Parameters for the S4-generic generic functions...
x.scaleLScale a data set in accordance to a labeled index set
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