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E10.1Multicollinear Data
E10.11Longley's Data
E10.3Supervisor Rating Data
E1.1Data on density of vehicles and average speed
E1.11Data on violent and property crimes in 22 metropolitan areas...
E11.1Artificially Created Data for an Example on Variable Search
E1.15Stevens Experiment to compare notes against a standard (80...
E1.16Earnings and Prices of Selected Paper Company Stocks
E1.17Data on Population Density and Vehicle Thefts
E1.18Data on Simsbury Marriages
E1.19Data on Book Prices, Pages and Type of Binding
E1.20Data on Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI) Scores and...
E1.21Data on Loads and Deformation of a Bar
E1.7Data on Population and Number of Telephones
E2.1Data on Grade Point Average and SAT Scores
E2.11Demographic Data for the 50 States of the U.S.
E2.2Data on House Prices
E2.4International Car Ownership Data
E2.6Voltage Data
E2.7Korean Auto Ownership Data
E2.8Data on per Capita Output of Workers in Shanghai
E2.9Data on Capital, Labour and Value Added for Three Sectors
E3.4Men's Worlds Record Times for Running and Corresponding...
E3.5Women's World Record Times for Running and Corresponding...
E3.6Data on Corporations and Corporation Chairmen
E3.7Data on Oxygen Demand in Dairy Wastes
E3.8Map reading Test scores and Route Finding Scores
E3.9Blood Velocity Data
E4.1Traffic Fatality Data for Illinois
E4.10Votes from Chicago's Twenty-second Ward by Precinct
E4.11Data on Cost of Repairing Starters, Ring Gears or Both in...
E4.12Time taken by Professional Dieticians and Interns for Four...
E4.13Data on Hospital Charges
E4.4Measures of Quality for Agencies Delivering Transportation...
E4.7Data on Per-Capita Income and Life Expectancy
E6.1Data on Automobile Speed and Distance Covered to Come to a...
E6.10Data on Perceived and Computed Travel Times by Bus
E6.11Heights of Fathers and Sons
E6.8Dial-a-ride Data
E7.1Data on Dental Measurements
E7.2Prices of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Bituminous Coal and...
E7.3Data on Intake/Output Ratio
E7.4Data on PCO2 and Cerebral Blood Flow for Five Regions of the...
E7.5Data on Static Weights and Weight in Motion of Trucks
E7.6Community Area Data for the North Part of the City of Chicago
E7.7The Contiguity Matrix for the 34 Areas in Northern Chicago
E8.12Data on Lung Cancer Deaths and Cigarette Smoking
E8.13Florida Cumulus Experiment Data
E9.11Data on Transit Privatization
E9.18Data Travel Times and Usage for Automobiles and Public...
E9.19Acceleration data
E9.20Stadium Cleanup Data
E9.21Depreciation in Market Value of Large Factories
E9.3"Areas", lengths and widths of rectangles
E9.8Data on monthly rent, annual income and househould size
Ec.8Data on asylum requests to the U.S. by country of origen of...
Ex4.4Data on Effects of Air Pollution on Interpersonal Attraction
Ex.7.7U.S. Population in thousands, for exercise 7.7
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