Man pages for SensusR
Sensus Analytics

plot.AccelerometerDatumPlot accelerometer data.
plot.AltitudeDatumPlot altitude data.
plot.BatteryDatumPlot battery data.
plot.CellTowerDatumPlot cell tower data.
plot.CompassDatumPlot compass data.
plot.LightDatumPlot light data.
plot.LocationDatumPlot location data.
plot.ScreenDatumPlot screen data.
plot.SoundDatumPlot sound data.
plot.SpeedDatumPlot speed data.
plot.TelephonyDatumPlot telephony data.
plot.WlanDatumPlot WLAN data.
sensus.decompress.gz.filesDecompresses JSON files downloaded from AWS S3.
sensus.decrypt.bin.filesDecrypts Sensus .bin files that were encrypted using...
sensus.get.all.timestamp.lagsGet timestamp lags for a Sensus data frame.
sensus.get.timestamp.lagsGet timestamp lags for a Sensus datum.
sensus.get.unique.device.idsGets unique device IDs within a dataset.
sensus.list.activitiesLists activities in a given phase and state. S3 buckets.
sensus.plot.lag.cdfPlot the CDF of inter-reading time lags.
SensusRSensusR: Sensus Analytics JSON-formatted Sensus data.
sensus.remove.device.idRemoves all data associated with a device ID from a data... data from Amazon S3 to a local path.
sensus.write.csv.filesWrite data to CSV files.
sensus.write.rdata.filesWrite data to rdata files.
trimTrim leading and trailing white space from a string.
trim.leadingTrim leading white space from a string.
trim.trailingTrim trailing white space from a string.
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