Man pages for SentimentAnalysis
Dictionary-Based Sentiment Analysis

analyzeSentimentSentiment analysis
compareDictionariesCompares two dictionaries
compareToResponseCompare sentiment values to existing response variable
convertToBinaryResponseConvert continuous sentiment to direction
convertToDirectionConvert continuous sentiment to direction
countWordsCount words
DictionaryGIDictionary with opinionated words from the Harvard-IV...
DictionaryHEDictionary with opinionated words from Henry's Financial...
DictionaryLMDictionary with opinionated words from Loughran-McDonald...
enetEstimationElastic net estimation
extractWordsExtract words from dictionary
generateDictionaryGenerates dictionary of decisive terms
glmEstimationEstimation via generalized least squares
lassoEstimationLasso estimation
lmEstimationOrdinary least squares estimation
loadDictionaryGILoads Harvard-IV dictionary into object
loadDictionaryHELoads Henry's finance-specific dictionary into object
loadDictionaryLMLoads Loughran-McDonald dictionary into object
loadDictionaryLM_UncertaintyLoads uncertainty words from Loughran-McDonald into object
loadDictionaryQDAPLoads polarity words from qdap package into object
loadImdbRetrieves IMDb dataset
lookupEstimationMethodEstimation method
ngram_tokenizeN-gram tokenizer
numEntriesNumber of words in dictionary
numNegativeEntriesNumber of negative words in dictionary
numPositiveEntriesNumber of positive words in dictionary
plotSentimentLine plot with sentiment scores
plot.SentimentDictionaryWeightedKDE plot of estimated coefficients
plotSentimentResponseScatterplot with trend line between sentiment and response
predict.SentimentDictionaryWeightedPrediction for given dictionary
preprocessCorpusDefault preprocessing of corpus
printOutput content of sentiment dictionary
readRead dictionary from text file
ridgeEstimationRidge estimation
ruleLinearModelSentiment based on linear model
ruleNegativityRatio of negative words
rulePositivityRatio of positive words
ruleRatioRatio of dictionary words
ruleSentimentSentiment score
ruleSentimentPolaritySentiment polarity score
ruleWordCountCounts word frequencies
SentimentAnalysisSentimentAnalysis: A package for analyzing sentiment of texts
SentimentDictionaryCreate new sentiment dictionary based on input
SentimentDictionaryBinaryCreate a sentiment dictionary of positive and negative words
SentimentDictionaryWeightedCreate a sentiment dictionary of words linked to a score
SentimentDictionaryWordlistCreate a sentiment dictionary consisting of a simple wordlist
spikeslabEstimationSpike-and-slab estimation
summaryOutput summary information on sentiment dictionary
toDocumentTermMatrixDefault preprocessing of corpus and conversion to...
transformIntoCorpusTransforms the input into a Corpus object
writeWrite dictionary to text file
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