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Significant Zero Crossings

ArkansasTime Series of Macroinvertabrates Abundance in the Arkansas... SiZer object to a Data Frame
bent.cableFits a bent-cable model to the given data Fits a bent-cable...
ggplot_SiZerPlot a SiZer map using 'ggplot2'
locally.weighted.polynomialSmoothes the given bivariate data using kernel regression.
logLik.bent_cableReturn the log-Likelihood value for a fitted bent-cable...
logLik.PiecewiseLinearCalculates the log-Likelihood value
piecewise.linearCreates a piecewise linear model
plot.LocallyWeightedPolynomialCreates a plot of an object created by...
plot.PiecewiseLinearPlots a piecewise linear model
plot.SiZerPlot a SiZer map Plot a 'SiZer' object that was created using...
predict.bent_cableReturn model predictions for fitted bent-cable model
predict.PiecewiseLinearCalculates predicted values from a piecewise linear object
print.PiecewiseLinearPrints out the model form for a Piecewise linear model
SiZerCalculate SiZer Map
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