Man pages for SimCop
Simulate from Arbitrary Copulae

CrossSumCalculations on cubes
GenerateRVGenerateRV generic
GenerateRV.CopApproxGenerates random variates from a copula approximation
GetApproxApproximate a copula by a histogram density
MaxTempExtreme temperatures at two West Australian meteorological...
NewBEVAsyLogisticCopulaCreates a bivariate asymmetric logistic model extreme value...
NewBEVAsyMixedModelCopulaCreates a bivariate asymmetric mixed model extreme value...
NewBEVLogisticCopulaCreates a bivariate logistic model extreme value copula
NewBEVMixedModelCopulaCreates a bivariate mixed model extreme value copula
NewBEVSplineCopulaCreates a flexible extreme value copula
NewCubeCross-derivatives via automatic differentiation
NewMEVAsyLogisticCopulaCreates a multivariate asymmetric logistic copula
NewMEVGumbelCopulaCreates a Gumpel copula
NewMVClaytonCopulaCreates a Clayton copula
NewMVFrankCopulaCreates a Frank copula
NonparEstDepFctNonparametric estimator of bivariate dependence function
plot.CopApproxPlot the histogram density approximation to a copula
print.ADCubePrint method for cubes
print.SimCopPrint basic information on a copula
SimCopSimCop: A package to simulate random variates from an...
SplineFitDepFctFit a dependence function by spline smoothing
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