Man pages for SimTimeVar
Simulate Longitudinal Dataset with Time-Varying Correlated Covariates

add_one_categoricalGenerate linear predictor from logistic model
add_time_function_varsCreates linear time-function variables
BN.rBoundMaximum correlation between binary and normal random...
cat.paramsAn example dataframe for categorical variable parameters
closestReturn closest value
complete_parametersFill in partially incomplete parameters matrix
expand_matrixLongitudinally expand a matrix of single observations by...
expand_subjectsLongitudinally expand a cluster
has_drug_suffixChecks whether string has "_s" suffix
make_one_datasetSimulate time-varying covariates
make_one_linear_predGenerate linear predictor from logistic model
mod.jointly.generate.binary.normalReturn closest value
override_staticOverride static variable
override_tbin_probsOverride probabilities for time-varying binary variables
paramsAn example parameters dataframe
pcorAn example across-cluster correlation dataframe
proportionizeTurn a number into a valid proportion
upper_tri_vecTurn symmetric matrix into vector
wcorAn example within-cluster correlation dataframe
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