Man pages for Simile
Interact with Simile Models

consult.parameter.metafileSet a model's parameters from a file saved by Simile
create.modelCreate an executable model instance
create.param.arrayAllocates memory for interactively loading model parameters
execute.modelExecute a Simile model to a given time point
get.model.propertyGet properties of model components
get.model.timeGets the time in the simulation.
get.value.arrayGet values from model components
get.value.listGet values from model components
is.dummyTest if a path or handle is a 'dummy' whose only purpose is...
list.objectsList Simile model components
load.modelLoad a Simile executable model
reset.modelresets the model to its initial state.
set.model.parameterSets a model parameter with data in an array
set.model.stepSets the time step used to execute a model.
Simile-packageInterface to executable Simile models model value array model value array
use.simile.atInitialize the Simile interface
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