Man pages for SitesInterest
Inferring an Animal's Sites of Interest from High Resolution Data

Alt_AlgCalculates the residence times and identifies the sites of...
Alt_Alg_discontApplication of Alt_Alg to discontinuous data
Alt_Alg_miniCalculates the residence times for circles taken from one...
combiningCombines the residence times for the same set of circles and...
OU_14Trajectory of an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck (OU) simulation.
plot_bar_chartPlot the bar chart of residence times
plot_bars_and_hoopsPlots both the bar chart and hoops plot in one figure
plot.displacementPlots the displacement from a particular point over a chosen...
plot.hoopsPlots the trajectory with sites of interest and other hoops
plot_radii_resultsPlots the results from using different radii
plot.schematicPlots a schematic representation of the movement trajectory
print_colour_assignmentPrints a summary table of results from the different criteria
print_sites_posPrints the positions of the identified sites
print_site_visitsPrints the site visitation results
SitesFinds the number of sites of interest from already calculated...
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