Man pages for SourceSet
A Graphical Model Approach to Identify Primary Genes in Perturbed Biological Pathways

easyLookSourceEasy look results
getPermutationsGet random permutations of a set of elements
infoSourceGet summary statistics on graphs and variables
parametersEstimation of parameters for test equality of two normal...
ripAllRootsCliqueAll possible RIP orderings
shrinkTEGSDefault shrinkage estimation of covariance matrices
simulationSimulated dataset
sourceCytoscapeVisualize in Cytoscape a collection of graphs analyzed with...
sourceSankeyDiagramCreate a D3 JavaScript Sankey diagram
sourceSetSource Set
sourceUnionCytoscapeVisualize in Cytoscape the graphical union induced by the...
testMeanVarianceTest the equality of two normal distributions
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