Man pages for SpatEntropy
Spatial Entropy Measures

adj_listAdjacency list for spatial entropy.
adj_matAdjacency matrix.
areapartArea partition.
battyBatty's entropy.
contagionLi and Reynolds' relative contagion index.
coords_pixPixel coordinates generation.
couple_countBuild ordered couples in a dataset.
data_bolognaBologna data.
data_rainforestRainforest tree data.
euclid_distEuclidean distance.
karlstromKarlstrom and Ceccato's entropy.
leiboviciO'Neill's and Leibovici's entropy.
pair_countBuild pairs (unordered couples) in a dataset.
parresolParresol and Edwards' entropy.
plot_areapartPlot area partition.
plot_latticePlot lattice data.
shannonXShannon's entropy.
shannonX_sqShannon's entropy with a squared information function.
shannonZShannon's entropy of the transformed variable Z.
shannonZ_sqShannon's entropy of Z with a squared information function.
spat_entropyAltieri's spatial entropy.
SpatEntropySpatEntropy: a package for computing spatial entropy...
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