Man pages for SpatialFloor
Spatial Floor Simulation (Isotropic)

check_layout_generationThis is a wrapper function of check layout generation
density_checkInternal function for density check of check layout
diag_extractExtract the designed diagonal pattern from the system data...
diagonal_check_by_densityGenerate a spatial layout of checks by diagonal design
diagSet_check_by_densityGenerate a spatial layout of checks by diagonal design...
equal_check_by_plotGenerate a spatial layout of checks by every # of plots
equal_space_check_by_densityGenerate a spatial layout of checks by density
iso_simulation_by_heriabilityA simulation fucntion for isotrophic spatial data
iso_spatial_covIsotropic spatial var-cov wrapper
iso_spatial_expIsotropic spatial simulation by exponential function
iso_spatial_floorIsotropic spatial simulation wrapper
iso_spatial_gauIsotropic spatial simulation by Gaussian function
random_check_by_densityGenerate a random spatial layout of check
spatial_distDistance matrix calculation
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