Man pages for SpatialGEV
Fit Spatial Generalized Extreme Value Models

CAsnowGridded monthly total snowfall in Canada from 1987 to 2021.
grid_locationGrid the locations with fixed cell size
kernel_expExponential covariance function
kernel_maternMatern covariance function
matern_pc_priorHelper funcion to specify a Penalized Complexity (PC) prior...
ONsnowMonthly total snowfall in Ontario, Canada from 1987 to 2021.
print.spatialGEVfitPrint method for spatialGEVfit
print.spatialGEVpredPrint method for spatialGEVpred
print.spatialGEVsamPrint method for spatialGEVsam
sim_cond_normalCreate a helper function to simulate from the conditional...
simulatedDataSimulated dataset 1
simulatedData2Simulated dataset 2
spatialGEV_fitFit a GEV-GP model.
SpatialGEV-packageSpatialGEV: Fit Spatial Generalized Extreme Value Models
spatialGEV_predictDraw from the posterior predictive distributions at new...
spatialGEV_sampleGet posterior parameter draws from a fitted GEV-GP model.
summary.spatialGEVfitSummary method for spatialGEVfit
summary.spatialGEVpredSummary method for spatialGEVpred
summary.spatialGEVsamSummary method for spatialGEVsam
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