Man pages for SpecHelpers
Spectroscopy Related Utilities

avgLambdaConvert Wavelengths to Integer Values and Average...
CIExyzSpectral Locus for the 1931 CIE chromaticity diagram
emSpectrumPlot a pretty electromagnetic spectrum
gatherCsvCombine csv Files Containing Spectral Data into a Data Frame
gatherSpecFilesProcess LoggerPro Spectral Files into a Data Frame
gaussCurveCompute a Gaussian Curve
getGamutValuesLook up gamut and white point values in the 1931 CIE system
jSeqUtility for Creating NMR Multiplets
lorentzCurveCompute a Lorentzian Curve
makeSpecDraw a Chromatogram or Spectrum
plot2DNMRspecDraw a 2D NMR Spectrum
plotCIEchromDraw the 1931 CIE chromaticity diagram
plotNMRspecCreate and Plot an NMR Spectrum
prepCIEgradientCompute a gradient to fill the CIE chromaticity diagram
qMSDraw a Simple Mass Spectrum Showing the Parent Ion
SpecHelpers-packageSpectroscopy Related Utilities Maintainer: Bryan A. Hanson...
txt2csvUtility Functions to Clean and Convert Spectral Files to csv
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