SphericalCubature: Numerical Integration over Spheres and Balls in n-Dimensions; Multivariate Polar Coordinates

Provides several methods to integrate functions over the unit sphere and ball in n-dimensional Euclidean space. Routines for converting to/from multivariate polar/spherical coordinates are also provided.

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AuthorJohn P. Nolan, American University
Date of publication2016-10-21 10:32:34
MaintainerJohn P. Nolan <jpnolan@american.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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adaptIntegrateBallPolar Man page
adaptIntegrateBallPolarSplit Man page
adaptIntegrateSphereCheck Man page
adaptIntegrateSpherePolar Man page
adaptIntegrateSpherePolarSplit Man page
adaptIntegrateSphereTri Man page
adaptIntegrateSphereTri3d Man page
adaptIntegrateSphereTriI0 Man page
adaptIntegrateSphereTriI1 Man page
adaptIntegrateSphereTriSubdivideK Man page
ballVolume Man page
CheckUnitVectors Man page
integrateBallPolynomial Man page
integrateSpherePolynomial Man page
integrateSphereStroud11 Man page
nextGraySubset Man page
nextMultiIndex Man page
Octants Man page
partitionRegion Man page
polar2rect Man page
rect2polar Man page
sphereArea Man page
SphericalCubature Man page
SphericalCubature-package Man page
SphericalMisc Man page
SubdivideSphereTriByOctant Man page

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