#' Temperature measurements of vine dataset
#' Data were collected during an experiment conducted on a vineyard
#' of the INRAE/Institut Agro campus at Montpellier in 2014 (Syrah vines). The objective
#' of the experiment was to study the influence of the micro-climate (temperature and
#' irradiance) at the grape level on the anthocyanin contents of the berries indicated by
#' the Ferari index. This dataset is related to temperature measurements in the morning
#' (sunrise to twelve am) between July 24th, 2014 at 09:00 am and August 01, 2014 at
#' 09:00 am. These observations are made at the same time (every 12 minutes) as the
#' irradiance observations. The individuals are in columns while the observation times
#' are in rows. The same
#' individuals are also present in the Irradiance and FerariIndex_Difference datasets.
#' @format A data frame (of one functionnal variable) with 127 rows (observation times)
#'  and 33 columns: the 1st one is a character vector which corresponds to date-time 
#'  in format "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss", the others are numeric vectors made of the 
#'  observations of temperature measured in degree celsius on each of the 32 statistical individuals 
#'  Indiv1,...,Indiv32.
#' @source These data were acquired during the Innovine project, funded by the Seventh
#' Framework Programme of the European Community (FP7/2007-2013), under Grant Agreement
#' No. FP7-311775.


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