Man pages for StatMeasures
Easy Data Manipulation, Data Quality and Statistical Checks

accuracyConfusion matrix and overall accuracy of predicted binary...
actvspredComparison of actual and predicted linear response
aucArea under curve of predicted binary response
contentsBasic summary of the data
decileCreate deciles of a variable
dqcategoricalData quality check of categorical variables
dqcontinuousData quality check of continuous variables
dqdateData quality check of date variables
factoriseChange the class of variables to factor
giniGini coefficient of a distribution
imputemissImpute missing values in a variable
ivInformation value of an independent variable in predicting a...
ksKolmogorov-Smirnov statistic for predicted binary response
mapeCompute mean absolute percentage error
outliersIdentify outliers in a variable
pentileCreate pentiles of a variable
randomiseOrder the rows of a data randomly
rmdupkeyRemove observations with duplicate keys from data
rmdupobsRemove duplicate observations from data
splitdataSplit modeling data into test and train set
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