Man pages for StatMethRank
Statistical Methods for Ranking Data

agreement.testTest for Agreement of Ranking Data Among Groups
APAAmerican Psychological Association Election Data
big4yearData on the big four EPL Teams
case2freqConvert raw ranking data(case form) to ranking data with rank...
compatible.rankingsSet of compatible rankings
CroonCroon data on goals of the Government
decTreeImpFuncDecision Tree for Ranking Data-Impurity Function Approach
freq2caseConvert frequency table to raw data
generate.combsGenerate all possible combinations of k elements out of n
generate.permsGenerate all possible permutations of k elements out of n
HKPOSHong Kong Public Opinion Survey
incomplete.rankingsGenerate all incomplete rankings of k elements out of n...
independence.testNonparametric Rank Tests for Independence
interaction.testTest for Interaction of Ranking Data
is.compatibleIs compatible with the candidate_ranking
msciMean, Standard deviation, Confident Intervals
mvnos.modelMultivariate Normal Order-statistics Model.
mwdbmFit a mixture weighted distance-based model
plotDecROCROC Curves Plot of Decision Tree
plotDecTreeDecision Tree Plot
repmatReplicate and tile array
ScoresTest scores in Language and Arithmetic for a group of 9...
SongSong Data
StatMethRank-packageStatistical Methods for Ranking Data
SuttonSutton data on leisure preferences
wdmatCompute the weighted distances between two data sets of...
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