Man pages for StereoMorph
Stereo Camera Calibration and Reconstruction

alignLandmarksToMidlineAligns bilateral landmarks to the midline plane
avectorsComputes the angle between two vectors
calibrateCamerasFinds the optimized DLT coefficients for a stereo camera...
digitizeImageOpens the StereoMorph Digitizing App
digitizeImagesOpens the StereoMorph Digitizing App
distanceGridUnitsReturns the distances between pairs of points on a square...
distancePointToLineFinds the minimum distance(s) between point(s) and a line
distancePointToPointFinds the distance between two points or sets of points
dltCalibrateCamerasFinds the optimized DLT coefficients for a stereo camera...
dltCoefficientRMSErrorReturns the error during calibration coefficient optimization
dltCoefficientsComputes DLT coefficients for a stereo camera setup
dltEpipolarDistanceFinds the distance between a point and a self-epipolar line
dltEpipolarLineFinds a epipolar or self-epipolar line
dltInverseReturns ideal pixel coordinates of 3D point(s) in a stereo...
dltMatchCurvePointsMatches curve points between two camera views
dltNearestPointOnEpipolarReturns the closest point on a epipolar line to a point or...
dltReconstructReconstructs the 3D position of points in two or more camera...
dltTestCalibrationTests the accuracy of a stereo camera calibration
dltTransformationParameterRMSErrorReturns the error during transformation parameter...
drawCheckerboardCreates a checkerboard image
extractFramesExtracts frames from video
findCheckerboardCornersFinds internal corners of a checkerboard pattern
findOptimalPointAlignmentOptimally aligns one point set to another
gridPointsFitFits regularly spaced points to a sample line or grid
imagePlaneGridTransformPerforms image perspective transformations to a grid
imagePlaneGridTransformErrorReturns imagePlaneGridTransform error
landmarkListToMatrixConverts a landmark list to a landmark matrix
landmarkMatrixToListConverts a landmark matrix to a landmark list
measureCheckerboardSizeEstimates checkerboard square size
orthogonalProjectionToLineFinds the orthogonal projection of a point onto a line
pointsAtEvenSpacingGenerates evenly spaced points from point matrix
quadraticPointsOnIntervalGenerates points along an interval with quadratic...
readBezierControlPointsReads a file of Bezier control points
readCheckerboardsToArrayReads file(s) containing grid points into an array
readLandmarksToListReads landmark file(s) into a list
readLandmarksToMatrixReads a landmark file or files into a matrix
readShapesReads a StereoMorph shape file
reconstructStereoSets3D reconstruction of landmark and curves from stereo...
reflectMissingLandmarksReflects missing landmarks across the plane of symmetry
resampleGridImagePointsResamples imaged grid points
StereoMorph-packageStereo Camera Morphometrics
TPSToShapesConverts TPS file to shape file
transformPlanarCalibrationCoordinatesPerforms rotational and translational transformations to a...
unifyLandmarksOptimally align a set of partial landmark sets
writeLMToTPSWrites landmarks as TPS file
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