Man pages for StratSel
Strategic Selection Estimator

data.fakeFake Data for Illustration
fetch.rho.bFunction to transform f(rho) back to rho
fetch.rho.vFunction to transform var(theta) back to var(rho)
gen.StartvalGenerates good starting values for a strategic selection...
getSummary.StratSelgetSummary Method for extending mtable()
logLikStratLog-Likelihood Function of an Agent Error Model
logLikStratSelLog-Likelihood Function of an Agent Error Model with...
logLik.StratSelFunction to Extract Log-Likelihood from Objects of Class...
makeDyadicA Function To Create Dyadic Data Sets
plot.StratSelPlots a StratSel Object
predict.StratSelPrediction Function for Objects of the 'StratSel' Class
print.StratSelPrint Function for Objects of Class 'StratSel'
print.summary.StratSelFunction to Print the Summary Output of an Object of Class...
setStratSelDefaultFunction Changes Default Settings to Use 'mtable' Command
StratSelFitting Strategic Selection Models
StratSel-packageThis package allows to estimate strategic selection models.
summary.StratSelSummary Function for 'StratSel' Objects
vcov.StratSelFunctionto Extract Variance-Covariance from Objects of Class...
war1800A Data Set for Illustrative Purposes
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