Man pages for StreamMetabolism
Calculate Single Station Metabolism from Diurnal Oxygen Curves

cfs.lpsConvert from cubic feet per second to liters per second
CsSaturation Concentration at temp
dC.dtChange in Oxygen per time step
DOTempRhode River Street Pier-Maryland data set
fmt.chronFormat Dates
KtTemperature Correction For Reaeration Value
lps.cfsLiters Per Second to Cubic Feet per Second
lps.cmsLiters per second to cubic meters per second
ODobbinsO'Conner Dobbins Surface Renewal Method for calculating...
read.productionRead in Time Series Data as zoo Object
simpNumeric Integration Using Simpson's method
SMCalculate Ecosystem Production with the Single Station Method
StreamMetabolism-internalInternal StreamMetabolism objects
sunrise.setCalculate Sunrise Sunset Times
window_chronTime Windows of Diurnal Curves
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