Man pages for SurrogateTest
Early Testing for a Treatment Effect using Surrogate Marker Information

censor.weightCalculates censoring probability for weighting
cumsum2Helper function
dataAHypothetical Study A data
dataBHypothetical Study B data
delta.ea.singleCalculates the early treatment effect estimate in Study A
delta.eb.singleCalculates the early treatment effect estimate in Study B
delta.estimateCalculates the treatment effect, the difference in survival...
design.studyPower and sample size calculation for designing a future... and test the early treatment effect
helper.siHelper function
int.hazcHelper function
int.hazc.planHelper function
Kern.FUNCalculates kernel matrix
pred.smooth.surv.newCalculates the conditional probability of survival to time t
recover.BRecover an estimate of the treatment effect at time t in... estimation
VTMRepeats a row.
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