Man pages for SurvDisc
Discrete Time Survival and Longitudinal Data Analysis

AsympDiscSurvAsymptotic Estimate of Mean and Variance of Log-hazard Ratio...
LongToSurvLongitudinal To Survival Function
PrenticeGloecklerRegression for Grouped Survival Data Function
printPGtestPrint Regression for Grouped Survival Data Function Object
printSSDSPrint Sample Size Discrete Survival Object
rowMSDMean and Standard Deviation estimates for each row in a...
SampleSizeDiscSurvSample Size for Discrete Time Survival
simexlmeSIMEX algorithm for linear mixed effects models
simGFRdataData Set Containing Simulated Longitudinal eGFR
TKVsurvData Set Containing Fitted Model Estimates and Covariances
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