Man pages for SwimmeR
Data Import, Cleaning, and Conversions for Swimming Results

add_row_numbersAdd row numbers to raw results
age_formatFormatting yyy-mm ages as years
age_format_helperHelper function for formatting yyy-mm ages as years
collect_relay_swimmersCollects relay swimmers as a data frame within 'swim_parse'
collect_relay_swimmers_2Collects relay swimmers as a data frame within 'swim_parse'
course_convertSwimming Course Convertor
course_convert_DFCourse converter, returns dataframe
discard_errorsDiscards elements of list that have an error value from...
dive_placeAdds places to diving results
draw_bracketCreates a bracket for tournaments involving 5 to 64 teams,...
event_parsePulls out event labels from text
event_parse_ISLPulls out event labels from text
fill_downFills NA values with previous non-NA value
fill_leftShifts non-NA values to left in dataframe
foldFold a vector onto itself
format_resultsFormats data for analysis within 'swim_parse'
get_modeFind the mode (most commonly occurring) element of a list
grapes-notin-grapes"Not in" function
hy3_parseParses Hy-Tek .hy3 files
hy3_placesHelper for reading prelims and finals places from Hy-Tek .hy3...
hy3_timesHelper for reading prelims and finals times from Hy-Tek .hy3...
interleave_resultsHelper for reading interleaving prelims and finals results
is_link_brokenDetermines if a link is valid
King200BreastResults for Lilly King's 200 Breaststrokes
lines_sortSorts and collects lines by performance and row number
list_transformTransform list of lists into dataframe
mmss_formatFormatting seconds as mm:ss.hh
name_reorderOrders all names as "Firstname Lastname"
pipePipe operator
Read_ResultsReads swimming and diving results into a list of strings in...
results_scoreScores a swim meet
samms_parseFormats swimming and diving data read with 'read_results'...
sec_formatFormatting times as seconds
sec_format_helperHelper function for formatting mm:ss.hh times as seconds
splits_parseCollects splits within 'swim_parse'
splits_parse_ISLCollects splits within 'swim_parse_ISL'
splits_reformAdds together splits and compares to listed finals time to...
SwimmeRSwimmeR: A package for working with swimming times
Swim_ParseFormats swimming and diving data read with 'read_results'...
swim_parse_ISLFormats swimming results from the International Swim League...
swim_parse_oldFormats swimming and diving data read with 'read_results'...
swim_placeAdds places to swimming results
tie_rescoreRescore to account for ties
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