Man pages for SyNet
Inference and Analysis of Sympatry Networks

acshAverage Cost for Spatial Homogenization
acshgralGeneralized ACSH score
creategridProject Point Data into a Rectangular Mesh of OGUs
dotinferInference of a Sympatry Network from Point Data
epiphragmophoraLandsnails of Norhtwestern Argentina
gridinferSympatry Inference from Grids
mayflynzMayfly Fauna of New Zealand
mstMinimum Spanning Tree
namSympatry Network Analysis
netpropertiesStructural Properties of an Unweighted Undirected Network
outgearthGenerate a KML File with Marked Set of Points
outgisGenerate a TXT File with Marked Set of Points
partitionindexPartition Index of a Sympatry Network
platyrrhiniNeotropical Primates
pointDemoInteractive Assessment Demo of Affinity Between Dot Clouds
procdnpointPre-processing of Raw Point Data
read.coordRead a List of Points from a txt File
reweightReweighting of Links from an Adjacency Weighted Matrix
sciobius2x2Sciobius Grid Occupancy Data
selectcvChoice of a Cleavogram
selectptSelect a Flat Partition
stablecoupleStable Matching Derived from Spatial Affinity Matrices
SyNet-packageInference and Analysis of Sympatry Networks
toposimilarResemblance between Process Point Patterns
viewspSpatial Expressions of NAM Classes
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