make.taf: Run TAF Script If Needed

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make.tafR Documentation

Run TAF Script If Needed


Run a TAF script if the target directory is either older than the script, or older than the directory of the previous TAF step.


make.taf(script, ...)



TAF script filename.


passed to make and source.taf.


TRUE or FALSE, indicating whether the script was run.


Any underlying scripts are automatically included if they share the same filename prefix, followed by an underscore. For example, when determining whether a script data.R should be run, this function checks whether data_foo.R and data_bar.R have been recently modified.

See Also

source runs any R script, source.taf is more convenient for running a TAF script, and source.all runs all TAF scripts.

make, make.taf, and make.all are similar to the source functions, except they avoid repeating tasks that have already been run.

TAF-package gives an overview of the package.


## Not run: 

## End(Not run)

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