Man pages for TBFmultinomial
TBF Methodology Extension for Multinomial Outcomes

AIC_BIC_based_marginalLikelihoodMarginal likelihoods based on AIC or BIC
all_formulasFormulas of all the candidate models a PMP object into a data frame
CSVSCause-specific variable selection (CSVS)
model_priorsPrior model probability
PIPs_by_landmarkingPosterior inclusion probabilities (PIPs) by landmarking
plot_CSVSPlot a CSVS object
PMPPosterior model probability
PMP-classClass for PMP objects
postInclusionProbPosterior inclusion probability (PIP)
sample_multinomialSamples from a PMP object
TBFTest-based Bayes factor
TBF_ingredientsIngredients to calculate the TBF
TBFmultinomial-packageObjective Bayesian variable selection for multinomial...
VAP_dataData on VAP acquistion in one ICU
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